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Ad Tatum is a communication agency that provides comprehensive communication strategy services, from brief to production. Their services include creative design and high-quality writing. The agency emphasizes their commitment, which they define as dedicating themselves fully to accomplishing a mission, fighting for quick victories, and inspiring engagement from the target audience towards the client's brand. The founders of ad tatum have over 12 years of experience in the press and over 10 years in communication, showcasing their expertise and openness to new experiences. The agency prides itself on its responsiveness, being able to create a stand over a weekend, prepare a presentation overnight, or produce a white paper within a week. They handle everything, providing convenience and cost savings. ad tatum values listening to their clients, recognizing that they have a better understanding of their customers and industry. Their role is to be the client's interpreter in communication matters. ad tatum also prioritizes return on investment (ROI) in their recommendations, ensuring that their proposed solutions are effective and contribute to the client's profitability. Their versatility is highlighted, as they are adept at understanding and addressing various industries and subjects, ranging from technology and finance to comics, cosmetics, and tourism. The agency maintains a positive and friendly approach, believing that creating, writing, and planning are best achieved with kindness and a cheerful attitude, enabling them to accomplish remarkable things.
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3, rue de l’Arrivée, Bureau 1008, Paris, 75015, FR
Ad Tatum Sarl
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